Calafine QD

Calafine polyester can be boil-dyed with cationic dyes as well as with dispersed dyes.

Calafine was designed to give the varying color tone expressions demand that the fashion industry demands. Calafine can be dyed with the same colors as acrylics while maintaining all the best functions and material properties of polyester.

Features of Calafine:

  • Clear color development capability brings out optimal color tones.
  • Piece-dyeing gives users the same feel as yarn-dyeing.
  • Calafine can be made into compounds with various cellulose fiber textiles, as well as silk, wool, and spandex, and then can be piece-dyed by boiling.
  • Both cationic and disperse dyes can be used.
  • Staple fibers give superb pill resistance.
  • Calafine has superior wash-and-wear, anti-wrinkling, and pleat.

TOYOBO - Filaments Yarns & Textiles Sales Department, Head Office

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