2nd World Congress - 5th & 6 th July 2000


Increasing Polypropylene Fibres Versatility Through Novel Effect Additives
Jean Roch Pauquet & Patricia Schrijver - Rzymelka, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc, Switzerland

Surface Control in Polypropylene Fibres and Fabrics
Dr Tom Thassen, Goulston Technologies Inc, USA

"MOPLEN ULTRA" Innovative Polypropylene Resins Family for Spunbond and Melt-Blown
Nonwovens Giancarlo Braca, Franco Sartori, Technology Business Support Montell Europe / Ferrara - Italy

Hydroentangled - Spunbonded Nonwovens from Polypropylene - High Product Quality for Technical Application
Dipl-Ing. H Erth, Dipl-Ing. D Blechschmidt, Dipl-Ing. (FH) M Brodtka Dipl-Ing. (FH) R Linder, Saxon Textile Research Institute,Chemnitz, Germany

Production possibilities of Polypropylene Microfibres
Dipl-Ing. Christine Harder -Swiss Federal Institute of Tech. Zurich, Switzerland

PP - Fabrics - Your Partner ST
Jurg L Wildhaber - Sulzer Textil Ltd, Switzerland

Synthetic Fibres are the Future
Simon Senior, Drake Extrusion Ltd, UK

Interesting Developments which could Boost the image of PP
A Woodruff , Web Processing , UK

Quantification of Antioxidants in Polypropylene Using SFE / HPLC
Thilen & Prof. Roshan Shishoo, IFP Research AB, Sweden

Asota M40 - A New Generation Polypropylene Hollow Fibre
Linsbauer - Asota Ges. m.b.H, Austria

Industry in Turkey
Hale Canbaz Karakas, Textile Eng. Dept. Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Electrically Conductive Fibres from Polyaniline-Polypropylene Blends
Prof. P Nousiainen, M Rissanen, A Puolakka , Tampere University of Technology, M Jussila , J Laakso - Panipol Ltd, Porvoo, I Pyykko - Tamfibres Ltd, Tampere, Finland

Dendritic Polymers : A New Concept for Dyeable Polypropylene Fibres
Peter E Froehling , DSM Research , Geleen - Netherlands
Stephen M. Burkinshaw - University of Leeds UK.

PP / PE Matrix Fibril Filament Yarns Spun with the Addition of
Paraffin Andrej Demsar , Franci Sluga , University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Science and Engineering , Dept. of Textiles , Snezniska, Slovenia

Polypropylene in Staple Fibres
Dipl. Ing. Hendrik Tiemeir - Neumag Process Engineering, Germany

Market Perspectives of the European Polyolefin Textile Industry
Dr. Jean-Pierre Peckstadt, Senior Adviser EATP , Brussels, Belgium

Structure and Properties of Spunbonded Nonwovens Produced from Polypropylene Polymers.
Dr. Gajanan S. Bhat & Rammohan Nanjundappa, The University of

Polymer Additives for Progressing Demands and Improvements with Man-Made Fibres in the Future
Joachim Bayer - Clariant GmbH, Germany

The Introduction of a New Stabilizing System for Textile Products- Fiberstab L - from the View of a PP Producer
DI. Bernd Schutz - Targor GmbH , Germany

A Look at the Future of PP and Olefins in Textiles World - Wide
G Mackie , Geerdes International Inc, Virginia, USA

Spin Finishes for Polypropylene Staple Fibres Used in the Spunlace Process
Christine Wild , Cognis Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Antimicrobials in Polypropylene - Their Promise and Environmental Impact
Dr. W Curtis White , AEGIS Environments, Michigan, USA Patrice Vandendaele, Devan Chemicals NV,Ronse - Belgium

Availability of Fabrics with PP Fibres for Clothing Purpose
Prof. I Frydryc , G. Dziworska, Institute of Textile Architecture, Poland

New Technologies for PP - Nonwoven-Production Require Modified Spin Finishes
Dr. Alfred Schulberger, Dr. Jurgen Peschel - Dr.Th. Bohme K G Chem. Fabrik GmbH & Co. Germany

Effect of Proportional Blending of Recycled Polyethylene on the Properties of Polypropylene Fibres Intended for Geotextile Applications
S M Gillon, A R Horrocks , M Miraftab , P Davies , Bolton Institute, UK

Modelling the Extrusion of Polypropylene Fibres : Control Factors and their Interactions
A F Fotheringham , R R. Mather , R Yang & G Allan , School of Textiles, Heriot - Watt University, Netherdale, Galashiels, UK

Effect of Resin Properties on the Crystallisation point of Polypropylene during Spinning
Olivier Merle , TOTALFINA , Fina Research S A, Belgium

Highly Efficient UV Stabilizers for Polypropylene Fibre
Jerry M H Eng, Cytech Industries Inc, Netherland

Meltblown: The Increasing Meltflow Rate and Its Benefits
Nancy Noynaert, Borealis Polymers N.V.Beringern, Belgium

Innovative Process in BCF Yarn Production
Gunter Klambauer, SML Maschinenges, Lenzing, Austria

Evaluation of Fibre Heatsetting by MDSC
Myriam Vanneste, Valja Everaert - Centexbel - Garren Engineering, Gent Els Verdonck - TA Instruments - Brussels, Belgium

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