Triactor is a registered trademark of Toyobo in Japan.

Triactor is a newly-developed Y-shaped modified cross-sectional polyester filament material (yarn and cloth).


  • Its Y-shaped modified cross-sectional construction allows this textile surface to absorb moisture quickly.
  • It absorbs sweat and dries much faster than conventional polyesters, thus keeping the inside of garment dry.
  • Its construction reduces the amount of material touching the skin, so it feels cool and refreshing.

Examples of products developed with Triactor

  • Golf wear
  • Athletic training wear
  • Athletic socks

Water Absorbency of "Triactor"

Quick Drying Property of "Triactor"

 Enlarged photograph of the
Y-shaped modified
cross-sectional construction of Triactor

TOYOBO - Filaments Yarns & Textiles Sales Department, Head Office

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