DOREY SA presents the new version of CPC - Computer Numerical control die-cutting press at the PLAST 2000 exhibition. This machine was designed for Die cutting application of a wide range of materials (plastics, rubber, textiles, foam, paperboard, leather, cork,…) in sheet or in roll. The cutting force of that machine ranges from 25 to 35 tons. It is equipped with a 2 or 3 axes servo-motor position system position with a ± 0.2 mm accuracy. According the type of material, the cutting is done on pad. The working capacity is between 60 to 100 cuts per minute.

Entering cutting die shape with digitizer which is linked with a PC, monitor, disk operation system and printer, nesting layout will be come from printer to show best material yield and dialogue data for operating CPC machine. Material is saved up to 20%. A CPC machine was specially designed for the cutting of printed or non-printed envelopes.

Created in 1949 and based in Romans, South East of France, DOREY has been developed within the shoe and leather industry by collaborating with famous brands. Through dealing with advanced and traditional technologies, its specialism in the machine field has also moved towards very specialised industries, in cutting and assembling machines for supple and semi-rigid materials. Its range of machines includes Credit and Plastic Card Auto Cutting & Stacking Systems, High Speed Hydraulic Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Receding Head Cutting Machine or Travelling Head Hydraulic Cutting Machine…

For assembling machines, DOREY SA also proposes hot air and hot wedge welding systems, together with HF, ultra sound welding system, stitching machines, eyelet machines. Today, DOREY works in the car industry, packaging industry, plastics and textile industries and so on.

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