Fleissner will exhibit at ACHEMA (International Trade Fair for Chemical Engineering and Process Technology - Frankfurt-Main from May 22 to 28, 2000) newly developed machinery for man-made fiber and nonwovens production.

Fleissner high-speed spunlace line

1. Hydroentanglement system AquaJet XXL for nonwovens with 5000 mm working width. Further layout data are 250 m/min and pressures of up to 300 bar.
The following is a list of advantages offered to nonwovens producers when using the Fleissner AquaJet Spunlace System:

- Injectors operate without flow turbulence. This results in minimum energy consumption and optimum entanglement of fibers and maximum achievable strength. Pressures up to 600 bar.

- Drums with minimum energy loss during suction underneath the water jets.

- Compacting of web at the intake during pre-wetting (patented).

- Advantage for higher weights because the fiber layers are not shifted.

- Advantage for light-weight webs processed at high speeds because here almost no drafting occurs and the MD/CD ratio (manufacturing direction/cross direction) is optimally maintained.

- Dewatering before the dryer is optimized by the optimization of the influencing parameters with minimum energy consumption.

- Fleissner supplies high-quality piston pumps with select materials, high efficiency and very long maintenance intervals.

- Fleissner supplies the complete water circuit with filtration; the filtration system will be designed with regard to the fibers used (PES, PA, PP, viscose, glass, pulp, flax, microfibers) which results in minimum water and energy consumption and chemicals cost.

- Fleissner supplies complete lines (also including fiber recycling and web formation, if requested) from hydroentanglement to drying and automatic winding. This results in decisive advantages regarding process control system, synchronization and operation.

- Numerous new developments with respect to machine layout and optimization of nonwovens qualities or nonwovens surface structures are being worked on in the research and development center in Egelsbach, both for carded webs and for spunbondeds for high speeds of up to 500 m/min and composites with various web structures including pulp layers.

Series production of Fleissner jet manifolds working width 6000 mm

2. High-capacity through-air dryer, 4600 mm wide, Omega type, for high speeds of up to 600 m/min, used both for drying and for thermofusion of spunbonded and staple fiber web.

3. Forming head for Dan-Web airlay technology for web formation from pulp or cotton linters, for high speeds of up to 500 m/min. This line is combined with cards or spunbonded lines for the production of new nonwovens and composites for various application ranges.

4. Foam impregnation padder for application of binders or chemicals, offering the advantage of cost-efficient drying as a result of reduced water application.

5. HighTech through-air drum for drying of tissue and paper, for a production speed of 2000 m/min.

6. Belt dryer to the through-air principle for thermobonding of bulky fiberfill webs, 2500 mm wide. This oven can also be used in identical or similar way for drying of various substances in the chemical industry.

7. Cutting machine with tension stand for man-made fiber lines for the production of various staple fiber lengths. An automatic knife monitoring system ensures continuous production reliability.

8. Crimping machine for crimping of man-made fibers. This machine is used for large PES fiber lines with daily capacities of 200 tons.

9. Sunflower wheel plaiter in the spinning plant, suitable for high throughputs of 200 tons per day and more. The advantage of this machine is a gentle plaiting process of the spun tow in the spinning cans without damaging of fibers.

2. Asiugante ad aria ad alta capacità, larga 4600 mm wide, tipo Omega, per velocità fino a 600 m/minuto, usata sia per asciugare che per fondere veli spunbonded e di fibre in fiocco.

3. Testa di formazione per veli da pasta di legno o linter di cotone nella tecnologia di distribuzione con aria a velocità elevata, fino a 500 m/minuto. Questa linea è unita a carde o linee spunbonded per la produzione di nontessuti e compositi per vari tipi di applicazione.

4. Foulard di impregnazione per leganti o prodotti chimici in schiuma, col vantaggio di un efficiente ed economica asciugatura grazie alla ridotta quantità d'acqua.

5. Asciugante ad aria HighTech per tissue e carta, con velocità fino a 2000 m/minuto.

6. Asciugante a nastro per termocoesionare veli di fibre voluminizzate, con larghezza 2500 mm. Questo forno può essere usato anche per asciugare varie sostanze nell'industria chimica.

7. Macchina di taglio per linee di fibre chimiche per produrre fibre in fiocco di varia lunghezza. Un sistema di monitoraggio automatico delle lame garantisce sicurezza di produzione.

8. Macchina di crettatura per fibre chimiche, larghezza 650 mm. Questa macchina è utilizzata per grosse linee di PES con capacità giornaliera di 200 tonnellate.

9. Sunflower, faldatore capace di 200 tonnellate al giorno ed oltre. Il vantaggio di questa macchina sta nella disposizione morbida del tow nei vasi di filatura, senza danneggiare le fibre.

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