The first issue of

Alessandro Cerretini
Solitario Nesti

«New Textiles» is the expression that both summarizes and limits the field of action of this new editorial initiative that will make use of the Internet for its publication.
Not only industrial textiles for technical uses, that differ from the more widespread and well-known products for apparel and upholstery, but also innovation in the textile field, in the appearance and, even more, in the functions and performance of products, to enable them to respond to the most advanced demands of a developing market, according to certain lines of development that, we think, are destined to expand and become more predominant: functional qualities, light weight, easy care, environmental compatibility.
The interaction between textiles developed for more traditional uses and those developed for technical uses is bound to increase: high performance fibers, new finishing processes and production technologies seem to be the most important elements of this interaction. We will devote our main attention to these areas.

The ambition of this review is to discern the elements of change that affect or can be expected to affect the textile business, particularly as regards its technological aspects. News and opportunities for change seem to come from all directions, developing in contexts that often differ from the normal ones familiar to the textile industry: the instrument for diffusion represented by the Internet seemed important to us, both as a means for acquiring and analyzing information and above all as a means for enabling it to reach a large number of readers, all more or less deeply involved or interested in new textile products and in the effective opportunities that innovation can offer. To be informed is the first, indispensable step for any process of innovation, and what any strategy of innovation is based on.

Our review therefore comes into the world in an electronic format, legible on line but also in the more traditional, direct and simple way, by downloading the articles, printing them right in your office and using them in the usual way, on paper. The review has the ambitious goal of taking the utmost advantage of the potentials of information technology and interacting with the reader, who should be stimulated to request further information and ask questions regarding his particular sector, thus interacting with the review.
In fact, in general terms, the information available is extremely vast and often redundant, so it needs to be simplified and filtered in order to reach the user in the most useful form. Operators working in companies need to be informed about specific topics. The textile business is complex and demanding: the resources that will make it possible to work in the best possible way have to come from the market itself, through the traditional forms of payment for services (subscriptions) and advertising, the same as they do for traditional magazines.
The instrument also requires a simplification of the language, greater rapidity and a more direct and immediate approach to the various subjects.

The areas the review intends to cover have to do with the various technical applications of textile materials (protection, medical uses, civil engineering, industrial uses, transportation, geotextiles) and all the potential represented by new raw materials (high performance fibers) and new processing technologies.

We ask the companies to start collaborating with the review, using the traditional means, articles, editorials, novelties, etc.

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