Press Release

The "Jec Composites Show" 2000 makes remarkable headway

Paris, April 27, 2000

The Jec Composites Show enjoyed a record participation this year, both in terms of exhibitors and in terms of visitors. And, to judge by the figures, it can be said that the Jec Composites Show 2000 generated an unprecedented level of business and internationalisation: 17,409 visitors (+ 18% compared to 99), more than 700 exhibitors (+ 16%), 23,000 sqm (+15%).

Jec Composites Show is now recognised as the world's leading event for Composites and New Materials.International representation increased spectacularly this year: among the visitors, 56% came from foreign countries (compared to 45% in 98-99) and 85 countries were represented! As for exhibitors, 65% came from foreign countries.

Mrs Frédérique MUTEL, General Manager of JEC SA (an information services company and business network that organises the Jec Composites Show), explains the progress in the following manner: " Our efforts to reconfigure the exhibition to accommodate users from all five continents bore fruit, if I judge by the exceptional international representation among visitors achieved this year. It is worth stressing the fact that it is exceptional for an exhibition held in France.As a major tendency in the composite market, I would cite the level of industrialisation of the sector, which gives access to a new type of contracts. Processes such as RTM and pultrusion make it possible to produce large-sized parts in quantity, opening up the way for large-scale industrial applications in building & construction, civil infrastructures (in particular for water management), and especially in air, rail, sea and automotive transport. This tendency was very perceptible at the show."

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