"Power of Performance"

DuPont to leverage Kevlar® brand through new brand licensing programme

June 2000 - In line with DuPont's corporate strategy of providing market-focused support for its strong portfolio of technical brands, DuPont Engineering Fibres announces a bold new licensing programme in the sports applications for Kevlar® to protect the brand integrity and trustworthiness for the benefit of consumers and the public at large.

The programme requires manufacturers to secure a royalty bearing license from DuPont in order to use the Kevlar® brand name. It will be granted only after the product has been shown to comply with quality, performance and other suitability-compatibility standards. DuPont will forcefully enforce measures to ensure proper usage of its brand.

Kevlar® brand support activities in Europe, within the context of the "Power of Performance" brand licensing programme, will initially be limited to exclusive apparel such as high-performance sailing gear as well as to active sportswear in rugged activities such as mountaineering and motorbiking.

DuPont is backing up the brand licensing programme with an integrated service package including R&D and technical assistance, system-based solutions, priority supply and servicing, global access to market research and resources. Key elements of the "Power of Performance" marketing initiative include a full complement of merchandising and promotion
al tools, designed for use throughout the value chain, intensive international PR activity, training and merchandising materials developed in collaboration with licensees. An innovative fabric supplier base with selected weavers will stimulate new solutions at top performance levels in the sports arena. At the same time, DuPont is implementing stringent trademark policies to protect the value of the Kevlar® brand name.

Royalties to DuPont, will be calculated as a percentage of wholesale price. Manufacturers without a brand license will not be allowed to use the Kevlar® name for promotional purposes. Full implementation of this programme is slated for 2001 collections.

All active apparel with Kevlar® sold by brand licensees will carry a distinctive hangtag, designed to communicate the advantages Kevlar® performance technology delivers to the consumer, to avoid confusion and underline the power of the brand. This hangtag from DuPont is the only one allowed in the marketplace to represent the Kevlar® brand.

Kevlar® is a DuPont registered trade mark

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