DuPont achieves success with Tyvek(r) at Digital Insight Substrate Compatibility Testing Centre

DuPont has achieved certification of its Tyvek product at the Digital Insight Substrate Compatibility Testing Centre. The high-density polyethylene Tyvek product was passed at the Indigo endo rsed testing centre in the UK, which provides standardised testing procedures for web-fed substrates used on Indigo's Digital Offset Colour presses.

The certification of Tyvek as compatible with Indigo presses is a major achievement for DuPont and allows customers to instantly recognise the product's suitability for a range of applications on Indigo Omnius presses.

DuPont initially submitted two extreme grades of Tyvek for testing. These were a lighter grade Tyvek 1057D, for applications such as orienteering trail maps, and heavyweight Tyvek 4182D for tags, labels and high density bar codes. Both grades are anti-static and corona treated. The two grades have been awarded a unique identification number and certificate from Digital Insight. DuPont has since submitted its complete Tyvek range to Digital Insight for screening tests.

Tyvek's Technical Marketing Manager, Henri Decker, explains, "DuPont has always recognised the importance of certification of its products through recognised centres of excellence. It enables our customers to identify those presses in the marketplace that are compatible with our products and for which applications Tyvek is best suited."

Commercial Customer Services Director of Indigo, Peter Dixon, explains, "The accreditation for DuPont with its Tyvek material exemplifies the raison d'être of the Substrate Compatibility Testing Programme. The confirmation of Tyvek's compatibility with Indigo presses will be of vital importance to both distributors and users alike."

Substrate testing at Digital Insight incorporates several aspects: after passing a short initial screening test, the substrate is passed on for a more comprehensive test looking at the performance of the particular substrate within the press. The test checks substrates for runnability, ink-transferability, blanket compatibility and ink-substrate interaction as reflected in ink fixability and abrasability. The test also ensures the substrate can be used in duplex and collation modes.

Tyvek is a family of tough durable sheet products of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibres bonded together by heat and pressure. Its numerous applications include tags and labels, maps and general graphics.

Digital Insight provides a wide range of digital services to commercial clients. It specialises in evaluating new marketing applications for digital printing and has a dedicated research and development department.

Indigo N.V. (, is the leader in digital color printing systems. Indigo's Digital Offset Color technology combines the quality of ink-based offset printing with the performance advantages of electronic imaging. Its products, including its proprietary ElectroInk, provide solutions for the commercial and industrial printing markets.

Indigo is headquartered in The Netherlands, with R&D and manufacturing operations in Israel. Indigo and Hewlett-Packard are in a Strategic Alliance.

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