Fabrics are bombarded by electrons, accelerated with high kinetic energy. This causes breaks in chemical bonds of superficial molecules and atoms excitation.

What does electronic bombarding do?

  • It anchors a fiber in flocking in a stronger way
  • It changes the tonality in dyeing
  • It gives anti spot and anti oil finishings
  • It favours chemical connection
  • It inserts anti septic substance in textile fibers
  • It betters chemical bonds
  • It betters the carbon fiber-composites matrix bond
  • It betters the spreading and the pigment printing
  • It betters the fiber-matrix adhesiveness
  • It betters or replaces binding agents in bonded fiber fabrics
  • It prepares FR polyethylene
  • It prepares antibacterial fabrics for hospital many purpose use
  • It carries out active sites in macromolecules
  • It carries out cotton-polyester fabrics with good FR performances
  • It reticulates polyethylene changing the drawing
  • It sterilizes bonded fiber fabrics without damaging materials

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