Alessandro Cerretini

Born in Florence in 1945, he got his Secondary School diploma in Florence, and a Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna in November of 1970, in the same year earning qualification for exercise of the engineering profession. He is enrolled in the Register of Engineers of the Province of Florence.
He was appointed as a teaching assistant for the course in “Principles of Chemical Engineering” in the academic year 1971-72, and contributed to teaching and research activities.
In the period from 1972 to 1979 he worked on research for the firm Tecnotessile of Prato (research center of the textile sector). In this capacity he did much research on machinery, equipment and technology connected to the textile industry. He also took active interest in the study of noise pollution, in both industrial and civilian environment.
From 1979 to 1984 he worked at Cerimates, the ENI (Italian agency for hydrocarbons) Research Center operating in the textile machinery sector, where he carried out research and training as Director of the postgraduate school for specialization SSMT (school of higher education in textiles and textile machinery) also of ENI.
Since 1984 he has formed a partnership with his brother Massimo, also a chemical engineer, in Studio Technica Associazione d’Ingegneria (Technica engineering offices). In this firm he has carried out work projects for a number of customers - Centro Tessile Cotoniero, Associazione Sprint, Associazione Cotoniera, Associazione dei Costruttori di Macchine Tessili (Cotton Textile Agency, Sprint Association, Cotton Manufacturer’s Association, Textile Machinery Constructor’s Association), as well as Italian and foreign industries - in connection with technology and protection of the environment. He was Managing Editor of the review Tecnologia Tessile - Textile Technology, 1984-1987, and of the review Tessili per Impieghi Tecnici (Textiles for Technical Applications),1993-1999, concerning new materials. His activity has been increasingly concentrating in the field of technical application of textile products, and in general with technological innovation, particularly through publication of papers and reports in the course of exhibitions and trade fairs of this sector, such as Techtextil, Tecnitex, etc.


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