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Our activities have led us to develop various products having distribution as their ultimate problem.

To distribute the products today we mostly utilize CD-ROM support or Internet Download.

We are in a position to create CD-ROMs in the widely-circulated formats such as ISO 9660, HFS, Hybrid ISO 9660/HFS, Audio.

We offer creation of the CD-ROM and its Master, and we also take care of creating its design and duplication.
One of our most recent creations is the CD-ROM of the 1999 Pediatric Conference of Central Italy (Italian version).

Distribution through Internet

Our products can be easily transferred with a download operation by means of Internet. Examples of this method may be found on the pages of our web site.

Distribution through CD-ROM

The CD-ROM media is extremely versatile to use. Technica can take care of the contents, of the gold disk preparation for duplication, and of the design for the serigraphs printed on the CD.

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