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Internet & Intranet

Ever since 1994 we have recognized the potential of this new means of communication, and Technica is in a position to create and run a web site utilizing these capacities in full.

We can offer you our experience both in the creation of simple HTML pages as in more complex operations such as integration with Database for on-line consultation.


HTML allows us to create web pages. We have succeeded in making the most of the characteristics of this language even for multimedia products like CD-ROMs.
The time required with this method is considerably reduced since the products can be distributed on all platforms provided with a browser.


Javascript allows us to add many functions to the web pages and to expand the possibilities offered by the HTML language. Technica is acquainted with Javascript and uses it to enrich the pages of Internet sites as well as to add functions that are simple, but extremely useful to its products.

An example of our qualifications is the creation of the CD-ROM for the Pediatric Conference of Central Italy. Research functions and a quiz system created with Javascript have been implemented on this CD.

Self-evaluations quizzes (Italian version) - An example of how Javascript can be used for the creation of a quiz.


An advanced solution experimented by the Language Center of the University of Florence for the conversion of all forms for internal use into digital documents that are compilable through Internet.
The forms are filled out, signed (digitally), initialed (by the persons in charge), and approved (by the persons responsible). The employee has his/her request under control at all times, can check whether it is awaiting initialing, signature, or whether it has been approved, without leaving the workplace.

Cataloghi on-line

A catalog requiring to be visible to the highest possible number of persons can only be published in Internet. Technica is in a position to produce on-line catalogs making the most of the possibilities offered by FileMaker software, and possible solutions are numberless.

Intranet Aziendale

Everything that we can offer in terms of creation of database or management software may be transferred on a company Intranet. To meet these requirements Technica offers advanced solutions such as the system for forms or more complex systems such as programming the teaching activities of a school.

Request for Information

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