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Water conditioning operations

Among the more up-to-date water conditioning systems there are those by means of electrolytic oxidation both with aluminum and iron disposable anodes, as well as with stable dimension anodes of titanium coated with iridium, ruthenium, platinum, etc. oxides. We have portable units to make on-the-spot water conditioning tests with both types of anodes, and industrial pilot plants can be realized to evaluate exactly the performance of the treatment and to optimize the project for the final plant.

Titanium mesh coated with iridium oxide (the darker one) and platinum.

Widening of the mesh with platinum coating.

Electrolytic oxidation has proved effective in the conditioning of waste water from textile dyeing plants.
Even the most heavily polluted waste water, thanks to oxidation of organic pollutants, can be made suitable for delivery to a consortium water conditioning system or further treated in the plant for recycling of the water. For instance, after oxidation, it can be subjected to ultrafiltration or nano-filtration on semipermeable membranes.

Highly colored dyeing plant waste water, subjected to electrolytic oxidation, gradually fades to a light straw color.


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