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Water Treatment

Our first contact with waste water goes back to 1970 when Massimo Cerretini, on behalf of the Prato Industrial Association, carried out a test with a pilot plant on carbonization waste in the Bisenzio valley.
Today environment protection and growing water costs demand an increasingly careful and scrupulous management, directed as much as possible to recycling.
Studio Technica has collected a great number of experiences and is in a position to meet the water problem in its entirety, dealing with

Ingoing water treatment

Optimization of water cycles

Waste water treatment

Water recycling

Recovery and disposal of pollutants

For each of these aspects, by adopting the most up-to-date technology, such as semipermeable membranes, absorption polymers, electrolytic oxidation, wet air oxidation, concentration, thin film evaporation, crystallization, etc. Studio Technica performs the following:

Preliminary study of feasibility

Tests with pilot plant

Project for industrial plant

Supervision of project execution


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