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Pilot Plants

Studio Technica prepares pilot plants - in particular for the textile industry waste water - for all those water conditioning systems which, due to their complexity, require this type of investigation before the project of the industrial plant.
The range is from simple units for preliminary evaluation of semipermeable membranes (ultrafiltration, nano-filtration and reverse osmosis) to much more complex systems such as those for wet air oxidation tests, and even pilot plants for industrial scale tests capable of treating up to 1-2 cu.mt./hour.

Preliminary filtration test kit with semipermeable membranes.

Pilot plant for wet air oxidation tests.

1-2 cu.mt./hour pilot plant for industrial clarifying flocculation tests.

Pilot plant for industrial ultrafiltration and nano-filtration tests.
Conditions up to 2 cu.mt./h of water.

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