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Technica has a long experience in creating database, which began in 1994 with “Nuove Materie Tessili” (New Textile Materials), a file of data on textile fibers.

Today we are creating sophisticated database integrating more complex systems in the management of a number of different activities.

These products can be devised also for integration with Internet and Intranet.

Within the narrow field of database definition we create files of all kinds and database systems supported by bar code readers.

Filing of papers

The solutions that we offer for simple filing of information are extremely flexible.
We are in a position to offer solutions that use FileMaker software or practicable customized applications.
We have been able to find up-to-date solutions for filing; our products are multi-platform and customized.

Integrations with bar code reading systems

This device simplifies filing of information, cataloguing inventory products, or warehouse management using a bar code reader. This solution automatizes many tedious operations and speeds up the data input stage in any file.

It has proved useful also in running the tests for training courses. All the forms to do so with tests of the multiple-answer type are programmed in such a way as to consent automatic acquisition of the answers and correction of same, reducing working time.

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